The Green Bee Botanicals Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

List of some of our favorite cannabis products and brands, mostly small and women-owned, some queer-owned, all amazing. From delicious cannabis-infused teas, chocolates and drinks, to yummy gummies, pre-rolled herbal blends, cannabis accessories and wellness products, this Green Bee Botanicals holiday gift round-up is sure to make your gift giving highly enjoyable.

10 silver linings in a fu****-up year

10 silver linings in a fu****-up year   While the strike of midnight tonight isn’t going to magically erase all traces of miserable, tragic 2020, we’ve never been happier to welcome in a new year.  Being the Everlasting Gobstopper optimists that we are, though, as we...

I’m a Bee-Liever: Testimonials and Customer Profiles

Customer Profile 1: Robin Kincade, 60 Happy Friday! We’re profiling real customers who exude joy and confidence and who use and love Green Bee Botanicals — our true Bee-Lievers. Are you a Bee-Liever? Drop us a line and tell us why you love Green Bee for a chance to be...
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