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10 silver linings in a fu****-up year

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While the strike of midnight tonight isn’t going to magically erase all traces of miserable, tragic 2020, we’ve never been happier to welcome in a new year. 

Being the Everlasting Gobstopper optimists that we are, though, as we were putting together our Year-in-Review, we found ourselves focusing on the silver linings. Here are 10 amazing things Green Bee Botanicals is grateful for from the past 12 months.

1. YOU! 

Holy new-year-kransekage cake, Batman — we wouldn’t still be standing were it not for you, our true Bee-lievers. Thank you for going the extra mile to buy our products from cannabis dispensaries and delivery services — we know the process isn’t always as simple and we appreciate your dedication more than you know.

2. Social justice

Yes, we still have a lot of work to do and a long way to go, but small victories like Michael Thompson’s upcoming release in January after the Michigan governor commuted his 60-year cannabis sentence is a sign of more good things to come.

3. Protections for people and the planet

In October, California passed two bills to protect consumers — especially women and in particular, women of color — from harmful cosmetics, and also became the first state in the nation to pledge to preserve 30% of lands and ocean by 2030, joining 38 countries in this commitment to conservation, known as the “30 by 30.”

4. New retail partners

40 more stores added Green Bee to their shelves this year, bringing us to 60 shops and delivery services throughout California, from as far north as Anderson Valley wine country in Mendocino County all the way south to Calexico on the border — making it easier for you to find us and us to find you. We want to give another big, warm shout-out to a few of them: Harvest House of Cannabis NapaVelvetMegan’s Organic MarketsFlora TerraLucky Box Club, theMJ Lifestyle Hot Box, and SoCal Green Meds.

5. Longtime retail partners

We’ve also shared milestones with longtime partners like SAVA founder Andrea Brooks, celebrating being among her first 5 brands when she launched her delivery service in San Francisco 5 years ago (that’s a decade in cannabis years!), as well as our dear friends Sharon and Andy at Society Jane, who hosted our (re)launch party just over a year ago. They’ve been with us through regulation changes, growing pains, and all the in-between. We are beyond thankful for their continued commitment to providing the best cannabis California has to offer, and for supporting women-owned small brands like ours. Cheers, ganja girls!

6. Girl power

You know who else we couldn’t do any of this without? Or behind-the-scenes partners. And they’re almost all women! Endless gratitude to our insanely talented chief creative, Lilli Keinaenen of Changemaker Creative; our kickass marketing guru Ru Johnson of Roux Black ConsultingJ’Amy Stewart, our super savvy business advisor and confidante; and Annie Holman of The Galley, our amazing new manufacturing partner.

7. High Tide rises all ships

Distribution in the California cannabis industry is notoriously the most difficult part of doing business here (to which we can attest) so it’s with a hundred-pound weight off our backs that we announce and celebrate our new state-wide distribution partner, High Tide. Based in Santa Rosa with additional hubs further north and in Southern California, High Tide is making it easier to get Green Bee into more stores and to support our retailers. Hallelujah!

8. Reviews

Read some of the best of this year’s product reviews from customers in our November newsletter. Thank you for sharing what a difference our skincare and massage oil are making for you — every time we get a new review we do a happy dance. If you haven’t yet shared with us your reason to Bee-lieve, please do!

9. Awards

WE WON! Our Perfecting Serum just won ‘Best Serum’ in the Think Dirty Clean Beauty Awards, against mainstream big brands available at major retailers. And in May our Brightening Eye Cream was Topical of the Month in the inaugural issue of California Leaf, highlighting Green Bee’s philanthropy and the quality of our products and clean, non-toxic ingredients.

10. Press

Without the resources (yet) to hire a PR firm to get our name in lights, we still managed to get featured in enough news stories to attract 365 million potential views this year, according to PR Newswire. Not too shabby for DIY. Highlights include us being interviewed by Authority Magazine as “Women Leaders of the Cannabis Industry,” being called “The Unexpected New Leaders of the Clean Beauty Movement” by fashion and art magazine SwO, and being recognized by MJ Insights for winning an “upset victory over mainstream brands in international clean beauty awards.”

We don’t know exactly how 2021 will shape up for all of us and honestly, we’re optimists so we’re expecting the best. We do know that we will continue to create products to help you be your healthiest, most beautiful and natural self. And we’ll remain dedicated to environmental causes and philanthropy in ways that support our society and world, and we’ll do it all with a smile.

Happy New Year, Bees!

Bridget & Kim


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