Save the sharks, ditch the (animal-derived) squalene

(No sharks were harmed in the making of Green Bee Botanicals vegan skincare products.) Squalene has been in the news lately because of its use in COVID-19 vaccine trials. We even got a few questions about it from concerned customers because we use squalane in our eye...

The Green Bee Botanicals Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

List of some of our favorite cannabis products and brands, mostly small and women-owned, some queer-owned, all amazing. From delicious cannabis-infused teas, chocolates and drinks, to yummy gummies, pre-rolled herbal blends, cannabis accessories and wellness products, this Green Bee Botanicals holiday gift round-up is sure to make your gift giving highly enjoyable.

Thoughts on motherhood – an ode to our mamas

The Second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day  For many mothers and children across the country, this is a special day filled with love, joy, and gratitude. Others experience this day as bittersweet, or even sorrowful. As with many traditional celebrations we recognize as...
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