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The Green Bee Botanicals Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

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These are a few of our favorite (weed) things

It’s been a trying year and our collective perseverance deserves a little celebrating. 

Whether you’re looking to appreciate your child’s hardworking teacher, your adventurous siblings, your canna-curious mom, dad, grandparents or besties, we encourage you to shop local and support small businesses. Mom-and-pop shops and small businesses face the highest hurdles in this pandemic and could use the support. 

Giving the gift of healthy, beautiful skin is always a lovely idea to us here at Green Bee, but we want to give a shout-out to some of our other favorite cannabis products and brands. The following are mostly small and women-owned, some queer-owned, all amazing. From delicious cannabis-infused teas, chocolates and drinks, to yummy gummies, pre-rolled herbal blends, cannabis accessories and wellness products, this Green Bee Botanicals holiday gift round-up is sure to make your gift giving highly enjoyable. 

Besito California Cannabis pre-rolls


Why we love them: Besito is a womxn-founded and queer-led cannabis company based in LA that’s all about that fun, uplifting high for any occasion. Besito is also rooted in creating an equitable cannabis industry that makes space for BIPOC and the LGBTQIA+ community while touting premium weed products with serious cool-girl factor. 

What they make that you can gift: Besito specialties include mini joints, premium 1-gram pre-rolled joints, and vapes with super clean 2:1 THC to CBD ratios. You can shop Besito all over California with locations in LA, San Diego, San Francisco, the Bay Area and elsewhere, or via statewide delivery.

Garden Society pre-roll rosettes

Garden Society

Why we love them: Founders Erin Gore and Karli Warner are pioneers in the cannabis industry, as well as friends of ours. Their wine-country lifestyle company’s mission is simple: “Turn down the daily chaos and turn up the joy.” Together, they’ve helped flip the script on stigma and cannabis while opening the door for women leaders. BONUS: Pre-pandemic, they hosted garden parties and canna-yoga! 

What they make that you can gift: Garden Society makes hand-crafted cannabis chocolates (milk chocolate with sea salt or chai, and spiced dark chocolate) as well as darling little cannabis and hash pre-roll rosettes. Their range of products appeal to everyone from the newbie to the canna-confident. Get yours via Garden Society’s own delivery service, or at dispensaries throughout California. 


Munisa Ceramica ceramic bongs and pipes artisticMUNISA Ceramica

Why we love them: Born and raised in Juarez, Mexico and now in Los Angeles, MUNISA Ceramica owner Isabela Munoz has a strong love for her culture’s beauty, which she incorporates into her unusual, colorful, vibrant clay pipes. Isabela is also on a mission to break down the strong taboos surrounding cannabis. With you, sister! 

What she makes that you can gift: Inspired by the colors and symbolism of Mexican art and her years as a cake decorator, Isabela’s durable handmade pipes will help set the tone for any flower lover on your list. All one-of-a-kind and usually depicting juicy halves of gorgeous fruit, our favorites are the pomegranate, papaya, guava, peach and grapefruit pipes. Definitely buy one of these for yourself. They’re beautiful enough to leave out when guests are over.

Quim CBD and cannabis sex lube


Why we love them: This tiny-but-mighty San Francisco-based company is owned by women who are sex-positive, funny, wicked smart, sexy and all about self-care — what’s not to love? Quim believes that “vaginal health is a precursor to the pursuit of pleasure” and that “happy vaginas make for better, more intimate sex.” We concur! 

What they make that you can gift: Gift a little Quim to the one you love to spice up sexy time or indulge your own vaginal health with any of their 4 high-quality plant-based products. Smooth Operator Intimate Serum and Happy Clam Everyday Oil are hemp-based and available direct from Quim’s website, and their full-fun cannabis versions — Night Moves and Oh Yes! — are available in dozens of CA dispensaries. Most women we know have and love Quim, and can always use more. 

Sonoma Hills Farm cannabis flower Sonoma Hills Farm

Why we love them: We got a personal tour this summer from the one-and-only Joyce Caneli of Sonoma Hills Farm, a premium craft cannabis farm and culinary garden in the Sonoma Valley’s Petaluma Gap appellation, one of the nation’s premier wine terroirs. We not only got to see and smell the farm’s lush cannabis, hemp and culinary gardens; we also fed the animals and left with a gift: a big box each of herbs, squash, melons, beets, and heirloom beans. That Sonoma Hills Farm is overseen by Aaron Keefer, former gardener for the 3-Michelin-star wonder, The French Laundry, just sweetens the deal.

What they make that you can gift: The season doesn’t get any better than this to spring for Pink Jesus pre-rolls, a Sonoma Hills Farm and Chemistry collaboration. Now available from SAVA (San Francisco Bay Area), Solful (Sonoma County), Natural Cannabis Company: Oakland Organics (Oakland), MendoCann (Hopland), OrganiCann (Santa Rosa), and California Street Cannabis Co. (San Francisco), and coming to LA in early 2021. BONUS: $10 from every case supports LGBTQ seniors at Openhouse SF.

Kikoko cannabis teas holiday drinks CBDKikoko 

Why we love them: Let’s be real, who doesn’t love a groovy, colorful tea party? It’s Kikoko’s take on sustainability that keeps us coming back for more, though. Kikoko teas are made with non-GMO, whole-plant herbs, teas and flowers, and the cannabis they use is sun-grown using organic, biodynamic farming methods. 

What they make that you can gift: Teas, honey, tinctures and mints dosed with various THC-to-CBD ratios for sleep, anxiety, pain, libido, energy, focus, mood and fun. Their teas are delicious and versatile: you can use them for cocktails, facials, wellness shots and more. These are perfect for the canna-curious in your life who want a taste of something different in their cup. Order Kikoko directly from their website (they deliver throughout California), or from dozens of dispensaries and delivery services.

CANN cannabis beverages cannedCANN

Why we love them: CANN brings out the versatility of the cannabis plant by infusing their social tonics with a 1:2 microdose ratio of THC-to-CBD, so you can(n) enjoy more than one, and experience a light, refreshing social buzz. We also like that it’s made with simple, all-natural ingredients, and that CANN donates to Equitable Opportunities.

What they make that you can gift: 6-pack cans and seasonal 4-packs of low-dose sparkling social tonics in Lemon Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary, Blood Orange Cardamom (our favorite), and Cranberry Sage. Socially-distant caroling or holiday party? Zoom family gathering? While our holiday traditions will look different this year, you can still switch up your buzz with CANN (minus the hangover!) and share the fun with friends and family.

Barbari smokables hemp and herb preroll mixBarbari 

Why we love them: Barbari’s connection to the traditions and intentions of steeping and burning herbs is authentic and makes it easy to match your mood with organically-grown CBD-rich hemp flower. Plus their product names are super fun (read on).

What they make that you can gift: A choice of 3 flavorful blends of herbs — Car Sex, Muse and Airplane Mode — combined to support mind, body, and energy. Whether you buy them in jars like loose tea or in 2- and 5-pack pre-rolled spliffs, Barbari’s food-grade herbal blends make great gifts. Your friends can smoke them (solo or mixed with other herb for easy micro-dosing), steep them in tea or in a bath, or burn them as incense. So “get lifted and stay grounded” this season by ordering now from their website, from, or from any of their retailers in California, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania or Texas.   

Buy Weed From WomenBuy Weed From Women

Why we love them: Buy weed from women! This rallying cry is both a declaration and self-prophecy for this creative apparel brand. 2020 has been the year of the woman on so many levels. Women-owned and women-led businesses are thriving because of community support and we love to see it. BWFW works with women-owned brands that are canna-based and these collaborations create a stronger, more lucrative community for women in the cannabis space. 

What they make that you can gift: T-shirts, jackets, totes, masks and more emblazoned with the fierce directive, Buy Weed From Women. Buy your feminist little sister a tote bag and matching mask. She’ll be the highlight of family dinner and you’ll be supporting a network of strong, amazing women. Available to order online just in time for shopping season.

Wyld Cannabis Edibles Gummies Wyld

Why we love them: These treats are enhanced with the active, adventurous consumer in mind. Developed in the Pacific Northwest, Wyld encourages you to climb cliffs and hike trails; explore mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans (hey, that’s us!). But we also love them because of their soft, sensuous texture (the best of any gummy out there) and because they work. 

What they make that you can gift: The Wyld way includes hybrid, indica and sativa gummies and chocolates in multiple flavors for the edible lover you know. Green Bee’s founder Bridget especially loves Wyld’s 2:1 CBD-to-THC ratio Peach gummies because they relax her and help her drift off to a gentle slumber, and co-founder Kim is partial to Wyld’s new Elderberry gummies with THC and CBN, also for a good night’s sleep. Add Wyld to your self-care list this holiday season or gift them to your aunt who hasn’t consumed cannabis in decades but is canna-curious again. As this Portland-based brand asks: “Which adventure will you choose?”

Potli Cannabis Infused EVOOPotli 

Why we love them: Potli brings top quality, delicious, and easy-to-integrate cannabis edible products to your kitchen to help you embrace plant-based wellness and self-care every single day. Gone are the days of wondering how much canna-butter goes in the brownies. Potli makes it easy to create quality dishes that are delicious, infused and easy to share with friends and family around the dinner table. 

What they make that you can gift: We recommend Potli Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s a simple gift that will go a long way in mom’s kitchen or among your own spices. Plus, Potli offers a ton of recipes on their website, so enjoy the possibilities!

Rebel Coast Cannabis BeveragesRebel Coast

Why we love them: Born and bred in California and originally a traditional winemaker, Rebel Coast was the first to introduce a sauvignon blanc cannabis-infused beverage back in 2017. They source their grapes from Sonoma and formulate with specific cannabis strains, cannabinoids, botanicals and natural fruit flavors. 

What they make that you can gift: Mixed Berry, Lemon Lime or Black Cherry cannabis-infused seltzers, and classic and sparkling versions of Sauvage and Pink Passion varietals. Socialize and feel the vibe without the brain fog and stress that come with hangovers from alcohol. Rebel Coast is the new way to celebrate and infuses the spirit of drinking with the joy of cannabis. Definitely stop by a retail location or order delivery service for some Rebel Coast to liven up the ugly sweater party you have to attend on Zoom. Enjoy the ride.


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