Maskne prevention of mask wearing acne

What is maskne – and how to treat and prevent mask acne?

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Everyone at Green Bee wears masks (and regularly washes them) and we hope you do too, as it’s a simple, effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But #maskne: it’s a thing, and it’s a real problem for mask-wearers these days.

Masks can cause facial redness, irritation, itching, clogged pores, pimples, and cysts. Because facemasks trap moisture and bacteria against your skin, face coverings can also cause chronic skin issues like rosacea to flare. Mask rosacea is a thing, as is mask acne and mask dermatitis. Stress, sweat, and bacteria all come together, causing chin comedones and bigger pimples to form more than usual. 

Taking extra care of your face during COVID is more essential than ever! ⁠

How to treat and cure mask acne? Here are some tricks and tips:

1. Wash your mask regularly

2. Try different materials – cotton or natural fiber masks might irritate less than synthetic materials, you could also try technical fabric face coverings for breathability and sweat wicking.  

3. Check what you’re eating – skin flareups are often linked to diet. 

4. Wash your face! 

    To treat maskne, many ingredients can soothe mask irritation on skin. Clear out coronacne with Green Bee Botanicals serums. Both the Perfecting Serum and Renewing face serums are packed with plants that have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for acne-prone skin. Including full-spectrum cannabis that regulates skin oiliness. Active cannabinoids THC, CBD and CBG all do different wonderful things for our skin (read a blog about how cannabis works for your skin here)

    Our Perfecting Serum also contains tea tree oil. Tea tree’s active ingredient, terpinene-4-ol, helps kills acne-causing bacteria. ⁠

    Additionally, our products have an array of nourishing, soothing essential oils like blue tansy to target maskne and tame redness. ⁠

    If your mask is rubbing or irritating your skin, you can also try massaging a little Green Bee Botanicals Brightening Eye Cream into those spots for an extra shot of skin-soothing, skin-calming goodness. ⁠



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