About Green Bee Botanicals

We make clean, full-spectrum cannabis skincare for beautiful skin and medicinal salves to help your body heal itself. 

Our mission is focused on quality, sustainability, self care and giving back. 

Launched in 2015 as Little Green Bee and rebranded in 2019 as Green Bee Botanicals, we’ve been called both a legacy cannabis brand and a “gateway brand” for customers new to cannabis. We’ve been lucky to attract enlightened, kind, conscientious customers who want to learn and understand the medicinal and health benefits of cannabis. 

Like us, they also want bright, healthy skin and to feel good, so in addition to educating the market about clean cannabis, we’ll continue to expand our beauty and wellness line to other fun, whole-plant cannabis products, such as toner, cleanser, THC-only serum for extra-dry skin, lip balms, hot-and-cold therapy balms and vegan edibles. 

Meanwhile, we’re expanding into more dispensaries and delivery services, so keep your eyes, ears and mind open — and ask your favorite cannabis dispensary or delivery service to carry us...we want to bring our healing cannabis elixirs to Green Bee Hivers far and wide. 

Because giving back is important to us, we built philanthropy into our business model from day one. We donate both our money and our time to fight climate change and social injustice, and to support wildlife and clean water for all.


We are committed not only to bringing you the best beauty and wellness products, but also relevant, thought-provoking info. 

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