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My Cannabis Journey: From pharmaceuticals to botanicals, a message from our founder

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Green Bee Botanicals was founded by Bridget May, a botanist and chemist who left the pharmaceutical industry to pursue her passion for cannabis medicine. Bridget has had first hand experience with the healing powers of cannabis, as well as the medicinal properties and science of herbal medicine. We each have an endocannabinoid system, made up of receptors all over our body, that works to keep all of our organ systems, including our skin, in healthy homeostasis. By applying phytocannabinoids, such as THC and CBD to our face and body we can encourage that system to keep us happy, healthy and naturally beautiful. We at Green Bee Botanicals are dedicated to creating products for you using the highest quality organic ingredients so you can become your healthiest and most beautiful self ever!

My Cannabis Journey

As a young adult in the era before medical cannabis was widely recognized as beneficial, I was not much of a fan of the herb. I found it difficult to use without becoming more intoxicated that I wanted to be. (One memorable evening, after eating the tiniest corner of a ‘special’ brownie, I found myself lying on the floor, unable to speak, while sadly, the party went on without me.) 

It didn’t seem like something I would ever want to incorporate into my day-to-day life.Many years later, after California had passed its groundbreaking medical marijuana law, an excited roommate told me about CBD (cannabidiol). Doing my research, I read about CBD’s use by people struggling with insomnia and anxiety and decided to try it because I had been suffering from both of these difficult issues for many years. 

I found it was both effective for my symptoms and loved the fact that it didn’t make me feel impaired. I feel so blessed to have found this plant that could help me heal! This was the beginning of many months of reading, research and experimentation, in which I found not only that CBD countered the intoxicating effects of THC, but a combination of the two compounds was the key to treating my symptoms. I also learned about the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of cannabis, and its history of use as an ingredient in topical applications. 

I started making cannabis extractions, and used them to produce non-psychoactive, inflammation-fighting topicals (massage oils and lotions) to soothe my aching shoulders and to moisturize and brighten my face. 

 I had long been a user and maker of herbal remedies (primarily tinctures, teas and balms) to naturally heal my body and skin, so I incorporated that knowledge into my cannabis formulations as well. Occasionally giving my new cannabis remedies to friends, which led to wider demand – and so my side-project turned into a business. 

I then left my job in the pharmaceutical industry to follow my heart into this uncharted territory of cannabis medicine.I’m excited by the many possibilities I see in combining my knowledge of cannabis, an exceptionally powerful herb, with the rest of our herbal pharmacopoeia. I look forward to sharing my discoveries with the community through Green Bee Botanicals. 

Yours in health and wellness, 

Bridget May 

Founder & Botanist


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