Kim Howard Green Bee Botanicals Co-Founder

Kim Howard
Co-founder & Managing Director, Green Bee Botanicals


Kim Howard, co-founder of Green Bee Botanicals

“Helping build, run and sell a thriving technology analyst firm after nearly two decades is experience I lean on every day as we get Green Bee Botanicals off the ground. It was spectacularly rewarding then, and

“The entrepreneurial gene runs strong in my family.” Kim Howard is the former VP of Marketing for high-tech analyst firm Infonetics Research, which was acquired by global strategy and information provider IHS in 2014. Her encore career plan to launch her own business as a consultant metamorphosed when her work with Green Bee Botanicals organically — and happily — became a full-time partnership.

Her strong suits include business development, market strategy, research, communications and wearing many hats while spinning plates. She has uncommon emotional intelligence and is highly empathetic, strengths that give her valuable insight into the minds of consumers.


Between IHS and Green Bee, Kim took a sabbatical that was “nothing short of life-changing.” The highlight for her was swimming with majestic mama humpback whales and their baby calves in the warm waters of Tonga, which inspired her to focus her energy on sustainability and the environment.


Kim is also a former development director for social justice nonprofits, grant-writer for environmental and human services organizations, and business development manager. Her first job as a teen was a university janitor, and her favorite job during college was bartender. She loves swimming in the San Francisco Bay, furry things, people, diplomacy, words and bees.


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