Winterize Your Skin in 5 Easy Steps

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In a perfect world, everyone’s skin would magically have a beach sunset “magic hour” glow 24/7 all year round. In reality, as the seasons change, so should your rituals and routines that take care of the skin all over your body, particularly your face and neck, which are exposed the most. 

Whether you’ve been mostly hibernating or working harder than ever during this insane pandemic year, your skin likely needs a little extra TLC right about now. It’s a great idea to exfoliate and prepare for the colder months of winter when skin is drier and the temperature is lower. 

So many factors contribute to your skin’s hydration and health during the winter months. If you’re in Chicago, the winds of Lake Michigan will certainly take a toll on any exposed skin, and in California, while not as extreme, lower temperatures affect the appearance of your skin. Empower yourself with healthy, glowing skin that highlights your inner beauty, no matter your city. 

Because our skin tends to need even more product in winter months to combat dryness, it’s especially important to find clean, non-toxic products that you can trust to protect you, not hurt you. Here are 5 tried-and-true methods you can use as a reminder of how to protect your skin from the winter elements.

1. Hydrate

Not only do you need to drink more water during dry months; your skin needs a healthy touch of hydration daily to retain its collagen and tone. Wash your face before bed and moisturize immediately after so all the healthy minerals, ingredients and the formula that protects your skin activates and works while you sleep. Rinse and repeat in the morning. Try Green Bee’s Renewing Face Serum for a luxurious treat for especially dry skin. 

2. Use sunscreen

We learn in middle school that you can get a tan or even sunburn on cloudy and foggy days, so no matter what, don’t forget your sunscreen whenever you’re outdoors. In California, the sun is a pretty constant companion, so even if the temperatures dip, it’s important to add sunscreen to your skincare routine so you protect your delicate skin from UV rays.

3.Think head-to-toe

Don’t just focus on your face. Skin all over tends to get drier in colder months so it’s important to protect your whole body, not just the parts that peek out of your parka. To deeply moisturize extra dry, chapped skin; soothe aching joints from the cold; or treat your tired muscles after a workout or the flu, try Green Bee’s Deep Calm Massage & Body Oil. Delicate enough to reduce the appearance of fine lines (hello knees), potent enough to relieve aches and pain, our body oil is jam-packed with nature’s best anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, including full-spectrum cannabis, vitamin E, calendula, comfrey and chamomile. 

4. Protect and prevent

Take care of your skin because it feels good and gives you confidence—that is the wisdom of true beauty. Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and plump, and then treat your most delicate skin — around your eyes, lips and neck — to a highly concentrated cream that can both protect from the elements and prevent further dryness, a primary cause of fine lines. Our Brightening Eye Cream is a creamy, potent emulsion concentrated with cannabis, caffeine and phytonutrients that hydrate, not irritate. As with all Green Bee products, our award-winning eye cream is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powerhouse bound to keep you bright-eyed through the dark winter months.

5. Stay Active

Breaking a sweat is the best way to give your skin a workout. Circulating oxygen through your skin cells with exercise and increasing your heart rate is something internal that gives your skin a healthy glow, not to mention increasing endorphins in the brain. Add any Green Bee product to your post-workout skincare routine and retain proper moisture. 

Winter is coming and that’s even more reason to prepare your skin to look and feel its best. Take the time now to switch up your rituals and give your complexion a natural defense against the elements. Choose clean, non-toxic products that are effective, organic and plant-based to achieve a natural, beautiful and healthy look, all year round.


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