Team Green Bee

Our small but scrappy team is united in our commitment to bringing you the best craft cannabis beauty and wellness products, as well as relevant, thought-provoking information on plant medicine, cannabis, clean beauty and self-care. 

 We are women-owned, women-operated, and mostly women-funded.

Our founder and in-house formulation scientist has a chemistry, botany and biopharmaceutical background. She's also an environmentalist, activist and artist. Running Green Bee allows her to use her knowledge and passion to pursue being a healer too...

Our co-founder is a former marketing VP who helped build, grow and sell her family’s Silicon Valley analyst firm on its 25-year anniversary. Combined with her past life as a development director and grant-writer for social justice and environmental non-profits...

Lilli is a designer who's passionate about helping cannabis businesses thrive beautifully with unique branding, sustainable packaging and out-of-the-box ideas. She is especially skilled at product development and consumer education...

Keiko Kayamoto


Bilingual, bi-cultural research & customer relations specialist with 17 combined years in the food, art & cannabis industries; 

research pro & problem-solver extraordinaire

Candace Crawford

Business Development

Inspired by her Mexican-Hopi grandfather who taught her all things plant; extensive experience in cannabis, from dispensary ops, procurement & sales, to plant medicine, regenerative farming & patient education

Jennifer Wright

Brand Ambassador

24 years in cannabis as a formulator, dispensary manager and brand specialist; founder of Salt Witch Apothecary cannabis bath bombs; dazzling demo diva