Team Green Bee

Our small but scrappy team is united in our commitment to bringing you the best craft cannabis beauty and wellness products, as well as relevant, thought-provoking information on plant medicine, cannabis, clean beauty and self-care. 

 We are women-owned, women-operated, and mostly women-funded.

Our founder and in-house formulation scientist has a chemistry, botany and biopharmaceutical background. She's also an environmentalist, activist and artist. Running Green Bee allows her to use her knowledge and passion to pursue being a healer too...

Our co-founder is a former marketing VP who helped build, grow and sell her family’s successful 25-year-old Silicon Valley analyst firm. Combined with her past life as a non-profit fundraiser and her business development skills, this experience is key to...

Lilli is a designer who's passionate about helping cannabis businesses thrive beautifully with unique branding, sustainable packaging and out of the box ideas. She is especially skilled at product development and consumer education...

Business Development Bees

Each member of our growing biz-dev team is knowledgable, canna-experienced and canna-educated, full of good energy, and a pleasure to work with. They open doors, make authentic connections, follow through, keep our dispensary and delivery partners happy, and host a mean demo...DIY bath salt stations and all.  

 Greentrepreneurs themselves, they are smart, no-nonsense, problem-solving divas. 

Shima Firoozmand

Summa cum laude UCSD grad and 9-year cannabis entrepreneur specializing in marketing and sales

Candace Crawford

15 years in cannabis and plant medicine, specializing in education, sales and marketing

Jennifer Wright

24 years in cannabis; former manager at Solful dispensary; formulator of cannabis bath bombs and edibles