Airbnb is offering stay at sonoma hills farm

Airbnb Just Launched a New Stay at a California Weed Farm

April 2022, by DUSTIN NELSON, thrillist

"More and more options are cropping up for travelers who want center cannabis experiences as part of their vacation. Even Airbnb is getting in on the trend. The company announced a new limited-time stay at a Northern California farmhouse overlooking the 60-acre Sonoma Hills Farm, which uses regenerative farming practices to grow cannabis and hemp crops. In addition to the beautiful home and grounds, host and Chief Cannabis Cultivator Aaron Keefer (is that a nom de smoke plume?), who was formerly the lead culinary gardener at Napa's The French Laundry, will join guests.  ” ... read more

Airbnb partners with Cannabis Farm in Petaluma, CA

Airbnb Partners with Cannabis Farm in Petaluma, California

April 2022, by NICOLE POTTER, High Times

"The farm is located on 60 acres in Sonoma County, located southeast of Mendocino County, which is a famous region for prime cannabis cultivation. As is customary with Airbnb listings, this home’s official name is descriptive of what its hosts hope guests will experience during their stay: “Live the High Life at Sonoma Hills Farm.” ... read more

Airbnb Partners with regenerative cannabis farm in sonoma

"The three one-night stays will take place from Saturday, April 30 to Tuesday, May 3 for California residents 21 and older. During their time visiting the farm, guests will indulge in lush accommodations including sprawling farm views, a wood-burning fire pit and a private pool; life on a regenerative farm, which includes visiting with farm animals and gardening; access to farm-fresh produce and a farmhouse kitchen where they can prepare meals; CBD products made locally, like Green Bee Botanicals, Potli, Rose Los Angeles and Jane West, as well as candles from Garden Society. ... read more

Green Bee Botanicals Cannabis and Hemp lines

12 cannabis brands with excellent packaging

March 2022, by FELISA ROGERS, MJ Brand Insights

"For years, the women at California’s Green Bee Botanicals have been on a mission to create packaging that’s sustainable, compliant, and beautiful. And they’ve nailed it. Their THC lotions, serums, and other full-spectrum topicals come in matte glass containers, which are packaged in matte paper boxes with a clever “key” insert instead of more typical (and ugly) methods of keeping your kids out of your fancy THC skincare products. Their bee logo, embossed in silver, adds an old-fashioned, romantic touch. ... read more

Green Bee Botanicals Fresh Face Toner and Quench Moisturizer

Green Bee Botanicals Launches New Products

February 2022, by NHAYA VAIDYA, american spa

"Green Bee Botanical has two new products: the CBD- and CBG-infused Quench Moisturizer and CBD-infused Fresh Face Toner. The hemp line is vegan, cruelty-free, reef-safe and made with organic ingredients. The skincare line uses local Sonoma Hills Farm sun-grown, full-spectrum hemp planted in wine terroir by The French Laundry’s former culinary gardener, Aaron Keefer.... read more

FinCanna Capital Corp’s (OTCMKTS: FNNZF) Investee QVI Inc. Expands Its Clientele of Women-led Pot Brands

Puff: Let’s all take a Valentine’s cannabis spa day

February 2022, by DAN KARKOSKA, 48hills

"After your nice soak, smoke and snack, end your spa day with a nice rubdown. Of course if you are solo, you can’t really do that, but I’m sure you can hit the lower back, shoulders and appendages pretty easily. I like using Green Bee Botanicals’ Deep Calm Massage Oil. It’s not too greasy and rubs in nicely. Each 1oz bottle contains 135mg THC and 45mg CBD... read more

FinCanna Capital Corp’s (OTCMKTS: FNNZF) Investee QVI Inc. Expands Its Clientele of Women-led Pot Brands

Cannabis and Beauty: The Hidden Connection

January 2022, by ALEXA JESSE, Leaf Nation 

"Green Bee, best known for their serums and eye cream, is passionate about maintaining quality ingredients in their hemp and Cannabis lines. 'We learned information that shocked us about mainstream cosmetics and how often they’re contaminated with lead, arsenic, harmful pesticides, etc.,' said Founder and CEO, former analytical chemist and lifelong botanist Bridget May. 'Sometimes they don’t even contain CBD. Find a brand that shares COAs proving both potency and purity, and preferably find brands using whole plant extracts, not isolate.' ... read more

FinCanna Capital Corp’s (OTCMKTS: FNNZF) Investee QVI Inc. Expands Its Clientele of Women-led Pot Brands

"Sudman and Ayurcann holdings are not slowing down any time soon. They've signed multiple international brands to manufacturing and distribution agreements, including Innocan Pharma from Israel, as well as US states which have legalized cannabis, including Green Bee Botanicals from California and Her Highness from New York.... read more

FinCanna Capital Corp’s (OTCMKTS: FNNZF) Investee QVI Inc. Expands Its Clientele of Women-led Pot Brands

Clean Beauty Awards:Dirty Thinkers’ Choice Awards Winners 2021

December 2021, by SHANEN LAUTAN, Think Dirty 

Best Toner Winner: Green Bee Botanicals Fresh Face Toner

Best Moisturizer Winner: Green Bee Botanicals Quench Moisturizer

Best Eye Cream: Green Bee Botanicals Brightening Eye Cream

"You guys voted and we heard you loud and clear. Green Bee Botanicals’ Fresh Face Toner is this year’s favorite toner. The Fresh Face Toner is an alcohol-free, antioxidant-rich 3-in-1 toner that balances, exfoliates, and hydrates your skin.... read more

FinCanna Capital Corp’s (OTCMKTS: FNNZF) Investee QVI Inc. Expands Its Clientele of Women-led Pot Brands

Beard Bros Pharms 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

December 2021, by RACHELLE GORDON, Beard Bros. Pharms 

"Arguably the best cannabis skincare company around, Green Bee Botanicals is a topicals company dedicated to both healing and beauty. The female-founded and led brand has won multiple awards, and always has a strong showing at the Emerald Cup. ... read more

FinCanna Capital Corp’s (OTCMKTS: FNNZF) Investee QVI Inc. Expands Its Clientele of Women-led Pot Brands

"Green Bee Botanicals has two new products to add to its award-winning line of cannabis infused skin products, the Fresh Face Toner and the Quench Moisturizer. These items join their Brightening Eye Cream, Renewing Serum, Perfecting Face Serum and Deep Calm Massage Oil to make an unbeatable team to keep your skin nice and stoned.... read more

FinCanna Capital Corp’s (OTCMKTS: FNNZF) Investee QVI Inc. Expands Its Clientele of Women-led Pot Brands

FinCanna Capital and The Galley Expand Clientele of Women-led Pot Brands

September 2021, by BRANDON MANNS, Facts About CBD

"QVI CEO and Founder Annie Holman said, 'We are thrilled to be the go-to co-manufacturer for so many women led cannabis brands. Firstly, women led cannabis businesses represent a major segment of the industry and are extremely valuable to us as we grow our business. And secondly, they are essential participants and leaders in creating a healthy and thriving industry across the state. Additionally, women are the drivers behind some of the best brands on the market. Sisters unite!'

The women-led QVI client brands include Green Bee Botanicals, Sonder, Professor Snook Bad Mommy, House of Saka, Potli, and Laurie & Mary Jane." ... read more

Brightening Eye Cream

Easy as CBD

September 2021, by ELIZABETH RICHARDSON, Diablo Magazine

"Moisturize and de-puff the delicate skin
around your eyes with Green Bee Botanicals’s Brightening Eye Cream, which is formulated
with antioxidants, THC, CBD, and healing calendula. ... read more

Renewing Serum

It’s High Time For High Tea At White Rabbit

August 2021, by BENJIE COOPER, Candid Chronicle

"Guests casually strolled the grounds, sipped infused beverages, and chatted with hostesses and other attendees in anticipation of the start of the tea. When 4:20 finally arrived, guests took their places at the elegantly set tables, each neatly adorned with cannabis flowers, decorative ceramic pipes, and a variety of tempting edible and topical cannabis products. It’s High Tea Time... read more

Photo by @joynewell

Botanical art by @flwrpstl

Bridget May

Grower Stories #106: Bridget May

July 2021, by TIA MOSKALENKO, AskGrowers

"My biggest focus these days, when I’m not creating lotions and potions, is what to do to heal our planet and the people, and plants, and animals on it. I think about it a lot and I know we humans are going to have to get creative to make it work.

I realized at some point that I was never going to do a good job of healing others until I healed myself, though. It’s still a work in progress, but I’ve learned how to let go of feeling overwhelmed by paying more attention to the present moment. All we really ever have is just this moment, after all. Even the past and the future are only really experienced by us right now, in the present. It’s kind of interesting to think about it that way, isn’t it?" ... read more

Bridget May

WEEDCon Cup Awards Best Cannabis Products for 2021

May 2021, by CELESTE HEDERA, stupidDOPE

Best THC Beauty Product Winner: BRIGHTENING EYE CREAM, Green Bee Botanicals

"On Friday May 21st, the 6th WEEDCon Cup awards took place in Los Angeles, CA awarding for excellence in cannabis products for Best Flower, Concentrate, Extract, Edible, Beverage, Tincture, Topical, Best Product and Best Dispensary. The WEEDCon Cup is 15lbs of cut crystal with sterling silver handles and was awarded at WEEDCon on the Green a two day B2B education expo and charity golf tournament featuring music with Doors guitarist Robby Krieger. ... read more

Bridget May

Green Bee Botanicals Skincare & Healing Topicals

"Led by childhood friends, Bridget May and Kim Howard, San Francisco-based Green Bee Botanicals makes award-winning, small-batch, luxurious skincare and topicals with nature’s most healing plant: cannabis. Even people intimately familiar with cannabis ask why anyone would put weed on their face.

'The cannabis plant is packed with skin-loving antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, and minerals. The phytocannabinoids in cannabis do what no other skincare ingredients do: bind with receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system to keep skin healthy and balanced,' explains Green Bee founder Bridget May, a botanist and former analytical chemist."... read more

Bridget May

"Give the gift of healthy, glowing skin to mom with one or both of Green Bee Botanicals’ cannabis-infused face serums. Both of Green Bee’s face oils — Renewing Serum and Perfecting Serum — balance skin, lighten dark spots, reduce the appearance of fine lines, boost collagen, and protect against pollution. That’s because they contain antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory powerhouses THC, CBD, and supporting cannabinoids CBG, CBC, and CBDv, as well as vitamins C and E, carefully selected active botanicals, and terpene-rich essential oils for the full entourage effect." ... read more

Bridget May

The Emerald Cup Awards 

April 2021, Cannabisness Of Beauty

Cosmetic Topicals Winner: RENEWING SERUM, Green Bee Botanicals

"The pandemic did not stop the “Academy Awards of Cannabis” known as The Emerald Cup from celebrating excellence in the sungrown cannabis world and awarding the “best-in-class” in their community." ... read more

Bridget May

The Emerald Cup Announces 2021 Winners 

April 2021, Green Market Report

Cosmetic Topicals Winner: RENEWING SERUM, Green Bee Botanicals

"The Emerald Cup Festival and Awards was broadcasted live on Social Club TV (www.thesocialclub.TV) – and is available on April 20, 2021 for on-demand viewing on the world’s only cannabis TV network – making 2021’s celebration the most attended in the event’s 17-year history." ... read more

Bridget May

Bridget May of Green Bee Botanicals: How To Learn To Finally Love Yourself

March 2021, by KRISTIN MARQUET, Authority Magazine

"Exercise. I try to get some exercise everyday. Preferably outside where I can feel the air and see the sun and sky. This connection with my body changes my mind for the better.

Meditation and visualization. I meditate for at least five minutes a day and also sometimes do some creative visualization. I visualize a beautiful space, a garden or a forest that makes me feel safe. Or if I’m having a particular issue in my business or personal life I visualize it working out with the best outcome for everyone involved." ... read more

Dirty Thinkers’ Choice Awards Winners 2020

December 2020, Think Dirty Clean Beautique

Best Serum Winner: Green Bee Botanicals Perfecting Serum

"Green Bee Botanicals came out on top with their vitamin and CBD-infused Perfecting Serum that works for all skin types. Balance your skin tone and fight blemishes with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory CBD, while Vitamins C and E soothe and protect." ... read more

Top 5 CBD Gifts For The Holidays! 

December 2020, by CHYNNA PEARSON, Cannabis & Tech Today 

"Cannabis Skincare by Green Bee Botanicals encourages users to “heal skin from within.”

Green Bee Botanicals is 100% vegan, lab certified, and free of parabens, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

They carefully select natural, organic ingredients that can help the skin repair itself. Their serums, creams, and oils offer “the medicinal and health benefits of cannabis and other plants… for bright, healthy skin." ... read more 

Green Bee Botanicals on the cover of SwO Magazine - New Leaders of the Clean Beauty Movement

Green Bee Botanicals Perfecting Serum with CBD Wins Beauty Award 

December 2020, by DENIS MARITI, Times of CBD

“Green Bee Botanicals, a San Francisco-based indie cannabis beauty startup, has won a clean beauty award in the best serum category. In an international competition known as the 2020 Dirty Thinker’s Choice Awards that involved other well-known brands like Whole Foods, Sephora, Bloomingdales, and Ulta, the company beat them and took the top position." ... read more 

Green Bee Botanicals on the cover of SwO Magazine - New Leaders of the Clean Beauty Movement

“More proof that full-spectrum cannabis skincare is the next big thing. California’s Green Bee Botanicals won ‘Best Serum’ for its CBD-rich Perfecting Serum in the 2020 Dirty Thinkers’ Choice Awards, an international competition that includes conventional brands sold at Sephora, Bloomingdales and Whole Foods."... read more

Green Bee Botanicals on the cover of SwO Magazine - New Leaders of the Clean Beauty Movement

“According to BDSA, during the week leading up to Christmas, daily sales of cannabis topicals, such as skincare and pain salves, jumped 43% compared to the three weeks prior. Cannabis beverages see a similar jump in sales at this time, up 45% the week of December 18–24 in 2019.

The reason is simple: Cannabis topicals, such as the Green Bee Botanicals skincare pictured above, make great gifts, and beverages are festive, traditionally social ways to celebrate. (Be it on a Zoom call or at Nana’s house, beverages are also a discreet and sessionable way to partake.)"... read more

Green Bee Botanicals on the cover of SwO Magazine - New Leaders of the Clean Beauty Movement

“Analytical chemist Bridget May didn’t set out to found a beauty brand, but now she’s a leader in full-spectrum cannabis skincare and the Clean Beauty Movement. In talking with Bridget, we were struck by her warmth, compassion, and her science-backed belief in the powers of cannabis. Here’s her story."... read more

Green Bee Botanicals on the cover of SwO Magazine - New Leaders of the Clean Beauty Movement

The Unexpected New Leaders of the Clean Beauty Movement 

June 2020, SwO Magazine - Fashion, Beauty, Art & Music

“Move over Goop and Saint Jane; there’s a new breed of brands taking the clean beauty movement to the next level, and the reason may surprise you. The secret is the most controversial plant in America: cannabis—as in marijuana, not hemp—which is legal in some form in most states but still illegal at the federal level. Cannabis is held to stricter standards of ‘clean’ than organic food in most states, particularly California. Not to be confused with CBD hemp products, THC-containing cannabis products — even those that won’t get you high, including topical skincare like Green Bee Botanicals'—must pass multiple rigorous tests per batch." .... read more

So I went on a quest to find some fun ways to bring Mom that love while staying in place.My first discovery is the special Mother’s Day Box from Lucky Box Club. This opportunity is available for customers in the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area only. For $199, it includes goodies from Garden Society, Kikoko, House of Saka, Om, Mellows, Green Bee Botanicals with Lolo & Wedding Cake flower. If you are outside Northern California you can purchase the CBD Mother’s Day box featuring Bath Soak, Infused Massage Oil, CBD Gummies & CBD infused Bath Bomb for $109".... read more

"Support each other. Connect with women who want to start a cannabis business or already own one. Share reliable sources; introduce them to your contacts; if they ask for advice, give it; become a mentor; connect regularly; share your experience, especially the pitfalls. Follow each other on social media, give each other public and private kudos. Celebrate and rally each other. Invest in companies owned by women and people of color, whether as a consumer or investor. Research companies online and through your network to see who owns and manages them, how diverse their board is." more

I Attended A Cannabis Women’s Wellness Retreat  

February 2020, by STEPHANIE ZHU, GreenState

“MJ Lifestyle’s Jen Skog curated an unparalleled experience where all needs were taken care of and women could feel safe, provided for, and unjudged for enjoying cannabis freely. By bringing together trusted brands like the aforementioned plus women-owned Sava, TSO Sonoma, and Green Bee Botanicals, we were able to feel at ease and full trust to let ourselves go deeper."... read more

THC in skincare 

“There’s a lot of talk about the ‘entourage effect’ of full-spectrum cannabis, as opposed to using cannabis compounds in isolation, such as CBD. We prefer to call it the ‘ensemble effect’ because each compound is important and enhances the therapeutic effects of the others,” says Howard. “Whole-plant cannabis is more like a philharmonic orchestra than a pop star surrounded by her entourage. With cannabis (as with most plants), the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.” ... read more

The Emerald Cup 2019 winners and where to buy them 

December 2019, by DAVID DOWNS, Leafly

For the folks who don’t want to get high 

"It’s such a great time to be a low-high or no-high cannabinoid fan. . . . Also, shout-out to the Bay Area women elevating California topicals. Marin County’s Cosmic View took gold for their athletic balm. But don’t sleep on silver or bronze—Green Bee’s Brightening Eye Cream, or Om’s Love Balm, respectively. 

Where to buy themSociety Jane delivery San Francisco..." read more"

REVIEW: Green Bee Botanicals – Perfecting Serum and My Skin

August 2019, by VICTORIA BREAKSTONE, Ellementa

This product promises “clean, full-spectrum cannabis skincare for beautiful skin.” Does it live up to that promise? One woman finds out. 

As someone who struggles with acne, I am always on the hunt for a moisturizing product that will help combat the acne and help with the healing process while also supporting aging skin. I finally found a product that addresses all three things. Sounds like an impossible find, doesn’t it?Green Bee Botanicals’ cannabis-infused Perfecting Serum (available in California) with CBD, vitamins C and E, clary sage, tea tree oil, and other botanicals – plus 5 mg of THC – blended into the soothing light oil base addresses all of my needs..." read more

Q: What is your advice for women in the cannabis industry? A: "COOPERATE: First of all, we need to lift each other up! This industry is still pretty new and we have the best chance at weathering the changes and flourishing if we band together, share resources, cross-promote, encourage, and celebrate each other. I’ve discovered over the last four years of building, learning, and networking that women-owned businesses generally kick ass. I have met so many like-minded businesswomen, and when we collaborate, we are unstoppable, powerful, and wildly successful. Special shout-outs to..." read more

Green Bee Botanicals' Brightening Eye Cream Review

The eye area is so delicate—you never want anything too rich, oily, or perfumey, and it’s important for a product to be easily absorbed. Green Bee's Brightening Eye Cream has a dreamy creamy texture—Bridget tells me it was formulated with more water so it wouldn’t be oily. It also features plant-derived squalane (from organic olive oil) to help boost moisture—our bodies recognize this compound and absorb it quickly because we produce our own (known as squalene). Sadly, as we age, we produce less squalene, which forms a protective barrier and helps keep our skin moist, so the eye area is a... read more 

Why is cannabis skincare's newest hero? One word: antioxidants.It's common knowledge now that cannabis topicals are awesome pain relievers—a good cannabis balm can alleviate muscle and joint pain caused by injuries and soothe the aches of daily living. But did you know that topical application of cannabis can also help keep your skin looking young and healthy?... read more  

"In 2018, Lizzie Post, great-great granddaughter of Emily Post, reached out to interview me for her book Higher Etiquette. While I didn’t know who Emily Post was when Lizzie first called, once I googled her, I was highly honored to contribute to such a ground breaking book..." read more

Casually Baked: Skincare + Shopping for CBD

April 2019, Casually Baked Potcast

Understand the real topical benefits of THC and CBD, so you don't overpay for hemp and cannabis-infused skincare products. Don't miss Potcast 84 if you're considering expensive CBD products from a multi-level marketing company. Explore the show notes at for shopping tips to get the most bang for your buck no matter if you're buying hemp-based CBD or cannabis-infused products.... read more 

The high-CBD healing facial serum stands out because it was formulated by a botanist and chemist. “Our serum is very high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, including some of the very strongest: cannabidiol (CBD) and THC,” Green Bee founder Bridget May wrote in an email. The serum’s full spectrum of cannabinoids, like other antioxidants, helps heal the skin, fight free radicals and prevent premature aging, she said. It includes organic jojoba, hazelnut and argan oils, plus essential oils of blue tansy, orange, basil and myrrh. “We chose the essential oils not only for their skin-healing qualities but also for their aromatherapy effect.” You only need a few drops.... read more 

The Budding World of Cannabis Topicals

By Aloe Driscoll, Santa Cruz Waves 

The cannabis plant has a plethora of applications that don’t involve getting high. The two best-known compounds in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pain-relieving effects. When applied topically, THC and CBD bind to receptors in the skin without entering the bloodstream or the brain, which means that they don’t produce the typical psychotropic effects.... read more 


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