Looking for accurate, science-based, and thoughtfully curated information about the health benefits of skincare and wellness remedies made from plants...
one of the most amazing of which is cannabis? 

We got you. 
How to Use a Face Serum and What It Does for Your Skin
Face serums are highly potent formulations that deliver a concentrated amount of active ingredients to your skin. Using a plant-based serum is like giving your skin a megadose of nourishing, botanical goodness.  There are two important reasons to use a face serum, particularly one that contains phytocannabinoids from cannabis: 1. ...

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Easy peasy cannabis delivery guide
Never ordered from a dispensary? Here's how it works. Hint: it's super easy! In states where cannabis is legal, you can get it delivered straight to your home from your favorite dispensary. If you’ve never had cannabis products delivered before, the process is simple; you just need to know about a ...

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What’s in Your Skincare May Shock You
And the safest place to buy it might, too.  Photo courtesy of White Pine Pictures. Did you know that toxic contaminants are routinely found in skincare products, even some that are labeled green, natural, clean, or organic? Decades of scientific research studies linking cosmetics to carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, irritants and ...

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Why use cannabis on your skin? Here’s the science
Cannabis is an incredible plant that is used in healing modalities, body care products, and skincare products. We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of the amazing things cannabis can do — which is why we love it so much. Cannabis in skincare is a natural way to nourish your ...

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How clean is your 'clean' skincare?
Beautiful skin is a reflection of good health, and happiness is the new sexy. Photo by Eye for Ebony.   Most of us who care about the health of our skin and our bodies know by now that a lot of mainstream brands use harmful chemicals and ingredients that are not ...

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Emerald Cup 2019 Winners
The Emerald Cup is a legendary cannabis competition, one of the best in the world. And over 16 years, the event has kept on growing. Over the crisp December weekend, 700+ contest entries, 300 cannabis brands, 160+ speakers, 100+ educational sessions & podcasts, and 20+ music acts came together to celebrate the industry. New products ...

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Why I named it Green Bee Botanicals
I've been making my own plant-based remedies since I was a teenager, and I experimented with cannabis then too, but I didn't fully grasp just how healing the cannabis plant is until 2014 while doing research on plants that are good for our skin. I started doing R&D and developing cannabis-based skincare formulas for ...

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