Bridget May founder

Bridget May
Founder and formulator of Green Bee Botanicals


Bridget May, chemist and botanist – founder of Green Bee Botanicals

Green Bee Botanicals was founded by Bridget May, a botanist, and chemist who left the biopharmaceutical industry to pursue her passion for cannabis medicine. She hit the motherlode when her studies led her to the amazing human endocannabinoid system, which oversees pain, stress, skin, the gut, the immune system, metabolism, mood, and more.

“I used to worry and stress out a lot, and my skin and body reflected it. Now I’m learning how to take care of myself — and I’m getting pretty good at it, gratefully. I’m finding balance. I’m figuring out how to be consistently healthy and happy.

“My goal with Green Bee is to help others do the same: heal your bodies naturally to become your healthiest and most beautiful selves.”

“The fact that we each have a natural system that binds perfectly with phytocannabinoids — including THC, CBD and the 60+ other cannabinoids in cannabis — is nothing short of astonishing; it is the key to understanding the natural healing powers of cannabis,” Bridget says.

From there, she leveraged her biology degree, knowledge of plant medicine, and biopharmaceutical experience to formulate her first cannabis skincare product: a face serum that went on to win Best Cannabis Topical in a 2018 state-wide competition.

Bridget’s story is a classic entrepreneurial one: she invested her savings in her side project while working full-time as an analytical chemist; her friends tried her serums and salves and fell in love with them; they told two friends and they told two friends, and Instagram told the rest of the world (hello #cannabisbeautymovement). Once dispensaries and delivery services in California caught the buzz, Bridget quit her day job and went all-in to launch Green Bee Botanicals.

Of the many things Bridget is, an environmentalist is at the top. She has been commuting to work by bike for 25 years, she’s a recycle-reuse-reduce fanatic, and she’s building sustainability into Green Bee from our mission statement to our business practices to our donation guidelines. She is also a happy hiker, mushroom forager, painter, and animal lover.

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