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How to choose a serum for dry or oily skin

Skin serums are trending — for good reason — and come in many formulations. Some are water based, others oil based; some are made entirely of synthetic ingredients, others are 100% natural, and some are a mix of both. Many focus on a specific active ingredient, such as vitamin C or retinol, others tout a wide variety of active botanicals, and some are a combination of both.  Choose your formulation based on your skin’s needs and whether it’s important to you that your products are proven safe and earth-friendly.      How to Use a Face Serum and What It Does for Your Skin Face serums are highly potent formulations that deliver a concentrated amount of active ingredients to your...

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Why I named it Green Bee Botanicals

I've been making my own plant-based remedies since I was a teenager, and I experimented with cannabis then too, but I didn't fully grasp just how healing the cannabis plant is until 2014 while doing research on plants that are good for our skin...

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