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Indigenous Peoples' Day Meaning and Ways to Celebrate

Above: Karen Elizabeth Wapato swimming from Alcatraz as part of PATHSTAR Alcatraz Swim Week   People are celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day today with peaceful protests, political actions, marches, panel discussions, sunrise and sunset ceremonies, prayer, education, traditional dancing, art, music, festivals, and memorials.  We're honoring Indigenous Peoples' Day in two ways and invite you to join us: Educating ourselves. Here are just a few of our favorite resources: Water scientist and legal scholar Dr. Kelsey Leonard, Native Women's Wilderness on Instagram, the All My Relations podcast, the Natives Outdoors reading list, and the blog post Before Standing Rock, There Was Alcatraz. Donating to PATHSTAR. Speaking of Alcatraz, PATHSTAR supports sustainable health and well-being practices in Native American communities through hands-on experiences, like community gardening, cooking together, field trips, and, most famously,...

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