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The Green Bee Botanicals Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

List of some of our favorite cannabis products and brands, mostly small and women-owned, some queer-owned, all amazing. From delicious cannabis-infused teas, chocolates and drinks, to yummy gummies, pre-rolled herbal blends, cannabis accessories and wellness products, this Green Bee Botanicals holiday gift round-up is sure to make your gift giving highly enjoyable.

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Tips for the new season of self-care

We said good-bye this week to both a watershed and unceremonious season of heat. On one hand, we experienced what felt like the longest, hottest summer ever; on the other, the season changed to fall in the blink of an eye. It’s hard to pinpoint the changes our bodies and minds go through while the world is turning, but the twists and turns of life eventually catch up to us — and that can mean aches and pains.  Turning to natural healing components is the way to go because your body actually knows how to heal itself; sometimes we just need a little boost from Mother Nature. Enter Green Bee Deep Calm Massage & Body Oil. While we certainly encourage its...

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Beauty, biology and why a Green Bee regimen is what your skin’s been missing

Quick! Think of everything you learned about skin in grade school. You may remember it has three layers: 1) the epidermis on the outside, 2) the dermis on the inside (hello hair, oil, and sweat glands), and 3) the hypodermis underneath it all.   Many of us don’t think of our skin as this massive organ, but it’s our largest organ and our body’s first line of protection, so it’s important to care for it as tenderly as we do our hearts and minds. In reality, most of us think of our skin in terms of how we look. Anti-aging creams and promises of forever “younger skin” have been the topic of conversation since the dawn of marketing and messaging....

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