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Beauty, biology and why a Green Bee regimen is what your skin’s been missing

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Quick! Think of everything you learned about skin in grade school. You may remember it has three layers: 1) the epidermis on the outside, 2) the dermis on the inside (hello hair, oil, and sweat glands), and 3) the hypodermis underneath it all.


Scientific illustration of skin dermal layers

Many of us don’t think of our skin as this massive organ, but it’s our largest organ and our body’s first line of protection, so it’s important to care for it as tenderly as we do our hearts and minds. In reality, most of us think of our skin in terms of how we look. Anti-aging creams and promises of forever “younger skin” have been the topic of conversation since the dawn of marketing and messaging. Like us, you’ve probably tried a lifetime of products looking for the Holy Grail of skin elixirs.


Through this lot of trial and error it hopefully occurs to the seeker that Mother Nature has the answers and the remedy is simpler than we think. It turns out the body can heal itself safely and naturally using plants in thoughtfully and scientifically crafted formulas. Cue Green Bee.


You don’t have to look at ingredients in your products and see nothing but names you can’t pronounce. Green Bee Botanicals is leading the cannabis-inclusive, natural mission of safe and clean beauty products. It’s one we’re most proud of.


Wander in Mother Nature with Green Bee
Mother nature’s best stuff – in scientifically crafted formulas


What do we do that set us apart from most skincare lines? One word: cannabis. The Green Bee Botanicals specialty is one based on the understanding of plant medicine and that includes lab-verified CBD, THC, and many minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBC and CBDv — and all free from pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants commonly found in cosmetics.


What do cannabis and the human body have in common? Both make cannabinoids that keep the skin’s endocannabinoid system healthy and in balance. If our body’s natural endocannabinoids are out of whack, cannabis has our back, coming in with an assist from its natural phytocannabinoids. (Learn more about the endocannbinoid system in our July blog, The One Reason Cannabis Skincare Is So Effective.) 


So you get the incredible benefits of the cannabis plant without the psycho-active effects. CBD coupled with CBG and other cannabis compounds create the entourage effect, meaning they’re even more effective when they work together. Combined with the other plant ingredients in our products, this creates an incredible bounty of antioxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammatories to keep your skin healthy, bright and beautiful.


Green Bee Botanicals infuses its skincare with clean full-spectrum cannabis
The secret ingredient (besised love?) cannabis sativa.


It’s good for your skin.


So, what do we have to offer? Quite frankly, four products that are set to revolutionize the beauty industry while amplifying your love of your own skin and brightening your complexion.

The proof is on the label! Our topicals come with proof of how they’re made so you know exactly what’s inside, and more importantly, what’s NOT inside. You’ll find no pesticides, parabens, phthalates, residual chemicals or solvents, heavy metals or anything else that’s bad for humans or the environment. With Green Bee Botanicals, it’s all good.


Brightening Eye Cream, Perfecting Face Serum, Renewing Face Serum, and Deep Calm Massage+Body Oil. All four are made with the best of things and that is on purpose. When you look good, you feel good, and we’re talking about from the inside out. Hypodermis, dermis and epidermis, remember? Biology class may have been some time ago but try out a safe, clean regimen of Green Bee Botanicals and no one will be able to tell.


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